Case Management Services

"Real Choice. My Choice."

Bridges provides Case Management services for all children and adults eligible for and/or currently funded on the Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and Developmental Disability Waivers.

What is

Case Management?

Case Management is a service to assist participants in gaining access to needed waivers and other Medicaid State Plans as well as medical, social, educational and other services regardless of the funding source.

What makes

Case Management

Conflict Free?

In order for the case managers to have the authority to develop, implement and monitor plans of care in the best interests of each participant, the case manager should be free from conflicts with provider companies and funders. 


This allows the case managers to focus on the participants' needs, individual preferences and desired outcomes to achieve the highest quality of care that they deserve.

When did Bridges start doing Case Management?

Beginning in 1993, Bridges started providing respite care services for just a few children. In March of 1996, we opened a small day habilitation. Services eventually were expanded to provide a full array of Medicaid Waiver Services including Case Management. In April of 2014, we decided to take our knowledge and experience providing direct care to focus on providing high quality conflict free case management to individuals through the state of Wyoming. We are dedicated to respect and promote freedom of choice. Our commitment is to the positive principles of human dignity and self-worth. We believe in the potential of every individual to expand their capabilities and experience a great measure of joy. 

Are you 

eligible for


Bridges Case Managers are qualified to help assist individuals and guardians with the eligibility process. Once you or your loved one becomes eligible, we can provide Targeted Case Management Services.