"Building Bridges to Better Tomorrows"

Our Mission

Bridges provides quality services to people with disabilities.

Our Values

Our commitment is to the positive principles of human dignity and the self-worth of all people. We respect and promote freedom of choice. We believe in the potential of every individual to expand their capabilities and experience a greater measure of joy.

 Our Purpose

We seek and utilize input from clients, staff and other stakeholders to expand and improve services to our constituency and business practices. We promote individual dignity and honor freedom of choice. We advocate to assure our client's safety, protect their rights and promote their inclusions. Bridges strives to achieve the highest level of competency through effort to meet or exceed standards of service as defined by stakeholders, regulator and certified agencies. We operate the business in such a way to assure continuity of services in such a manner as to be held in regard by the community in which we live.

We envision Bridges to be a place where all who are a part or are associated with the organization to feel a sense of belonging and personal worth. We seek to foster an atmosphere of dignity, growth, accomplishment, acceptance and fulfillment. We encourage innovation, diversity and participation through the empowerment of both clients and staff to the end that all are integral parts of the operation and direction of the company. We envision that input from all parties is the motivating and movie force behind the evolution of the company through changing and challenging times.

 Our Vision

Bridges is a fo​r-profit sub-chapter S corp. with corporate headquarters in Evanston, Wyoming.  We have 3 service arms including: Case Management, High Fidelity Wraparound Services, and Positive Paths.   We have multiple offices around the state of Wyoming with potential for growth.


In 1993, Aileen Canen began working with children on the developmental disability waiver. Not long after, parents asked if she could provide services for their adult children. At that time, the waiver wasn't open to new providers for adults. Aileen worked hard to meet the requirements in place at that time. Bridges provided an array of services on the Adult and Child Development Disability Waivers and Brain Injury Waiver from 1993 until April 2014. In 2013 the State of Wyoming, in accordance with Federal Guidelines began the transition to "conflict-free" case management, in that a service provider could not provide both direct services and case management to the same participants. 

In 2009, Bridges began to offer Wraparound Services to children and adolescents with intense emotional/behavioral needs and their families. In May of 2013, we opened a satellite office in Cheyenne and have since grown to offer Wraparound in several communities in Wyoming. In April 2014, Bridges stopped providing direct services in favor of becoming a conflict free case management agency, feeling that they would be able to have the greatest impact as a case management company. With 20+ years of experience as a service provider, 18+ years of experience doing Case Management, Bridges knows how to work within the system to meet the participants' needs and desires. Our pilot Positive Paths skills development program opened in August of 2014 in Gillette and our Cody program opened in December 2014. We are excited for the opportunities for growth and the positive impact we can have in the lives of people with disabilities.

 Our History