Our Mission

We Provide Quality Community Based Care to People with Disabilities

Our Values

Our Commitment is to the Positive Principles of Human Dignity and Self Worth of All People.

We Respect and Promote Freedom of Choice.

We Believe in the Potential of Every Individual to Expand Their Capabilities and Experience a Greater Measure of Joy Through Our Caring Attention.

Our Company

Bridges Habilitation Services Inc. (DBA: Bridges) has provided services in Wyoming for people with disabilities for over 20 years. Services are provided for children and adults in Uinta County. Since 1993 we have made each individual our focus.  In 2013, Bridges expanded Case Management and Wraparound services to eastern Wyoming.

Developmental Disability and Brain Injury Services

Bridges has several residential facilities where each client is cared for. Bridges also helps clients who have moved to their own homes and apartments and provides in-home support services for clients who continue to live with their families.

Our bustling day habilitation program encourages community involvement and integration. we can be found almost any day out in the community taking advantage of the many activities available in the Evanston area and beyond. we frequent the library, the Recreation Center, go camping and hiking and shopping. We enjoy the world as our classroom as we do all we can to enlarge the horizons of those we are privileged to serve.

We believe that service providers are to do just that, provide service. We recognize that those who love our clients the most also know best how to fulfill their needs, so we adapt the programs to the needs and desires of the client rather than try to adapt the client to the program. This flexibility has enabled us to meet the needs of people who were unable to adapt to other, larger programs.

Wraparound Services 

Four years ago, Bridges incorporated wraparound facilitation into our list of services. During those four years, over a dozen of our families have gained the skills to transition our of wraparound and fewer children in our community are being placed out of the home. We have been and will continue to be honored to work with high need families.

Case Management

Bridges has provided Case Management since 1995.  In 2013, we have expanded to offer this service in Albany and Laramie Counties.  If you are interested in receiving Case Management from Bridges or becoming a Case Manager for Bridges, please contact us.


Developmental Disability and Brain Injury Services

100 Bear River Drive

P.O. BOX 1642

Evanston, WY 82931 

Phone: 307-789-0664

Fax: 1-307-789-1902

email: bridges@bridgeshab.com

South Western Wyoming

Case Management

100 Bear River Dr.

PO Box 1642

Evanston, WY 82931



Wraparound Services

219 7th St.

PO BOX 1642

Evanston, WY 82931



South Eastern Wyoming


1912 Capitol Ave.

Suite 319

PO Box 3

Cheyenne, WY 82001



110 West 22nd Ave.

Suite 102

Torrington, WY 82240




North Western Wyoming

152 North Absaroka

Suite B

Po Box 84

Powell, WY


North Eastern Wyoming

306 West Loucks St.

PO Box 6836

Sheridan, WY 82801